Friday, October 21, 2005

Dianne Feinstein should move to Beijing

There's definitely room for improvement within the Republican party (hint: stop being so much like the Democrats; stop feeding Big Government; repeal some of the thousands of nonsensical laws which have criminalized non-violent behavior; etc.)

I am at least happy to see the Bush camp ignoring the loony left about the whole gun industry lawsuit thing. The far left would like to see the U.S. gun industry bankrupted with lawsuits.

Meanwhile the Dianne Feinsteins of the world travel around with their heavily-armed guards, preaching a curious brand of socialism indeed... they're all tooled up and loaded for bear while they work constantly to make sure you and I can't defend ourselves from criminal scum (or, worse, from a government that could one day turn against us.)

Americans are getting sick of this. Why can't the Schumers and Feinsteins of the world just leave this country and go to Red China where they belong? The culmination of all their dreams has been realized long ago by the Chinese government: an all-powerful State that has a monopoly on the instruments of force. See how wonderful it can be?

I was very glad to see The Nuge on CNBC tonight. Donny Deutsch was getting visibly flustered at some of Nugent's statements. Donny tried a disingenuous little trick of throwing a false statistic at Ted, claiming 5,000 children accidentally killed each year in households that had guns-- a huge distortion. Then, even when Ted said he dismissed this 'statistic' out of hand as completely false, Donny acted like he never heard that part and said "what percentage of these 5,000 do you think are gang and drug related" or something to that effect. This is a common tactic of the mainstream media. It's right out of the Marxist playbook.

Let's look at that supposed 'statistic' given by Donny Deutsch. 5,000? No way, not even close. Look at the National Safety Council statistics (published 2001): The number of children (ages 0-14) killed accidentally with firearms in the year 2000 was 80. Not 80,000. I said 80. If you include the 15-24 age group, the total comes out to 230. This is nowhere near 5,000. Drowning and poisoning each killed more children in 2000 than did accidental gun deaths.

On the other hand, Automobile accidents killed 12,900 people aged 0-24 in the year 2000. Of these, 2400 were children aged 0-14. Donny Deutsch got really, really uncomfortable when Ted Nugent pointed out how many more children are killed each year by car accidents than by gun accidents. All Donny could say was "well, that's not the same thing". How so? Dead is dead.

Perhaps we should limit the availability of cars in this society?

Even if you look at homicides-- classified as such, but not always murders (example: self defense)-- you have to consider how many of the "children" that die are gang-bangers or otherwise involved in violent crime. If you add up all the homicide deaths from firearms in 1997, age brackets 0-19 inclusive, you get 2,562. Notice that the murder rate with firearms jumps drastically once we're out of the 10-14 age bracket and into the 15-19 age bracket.

Think about this. At what age do kids start getting really active in drugs and gangs? Which age group is more likely to commit robbery, the 10-14 or the 15-19? Hmm... I see a connection here that the media never seems to address.

When it really comes down to it, you can see pretty plainly that the Left just doesn't like guns in the hands of anyone but the stormtroopers of an all-powerful State. No amount of logic seems to sway them from this thinking.